Watch Parties

Note about the 2023 Season: As many of you know, we are short on officers and will not be able to have organized watch parties for every game this year. Central City BBQ will have the Auburn game on at least one of the TVs if they are open (they won’t be for the Cal game on 9/9). We will have watch parties for some select games this year, but not all of them. Please be sure to check our social media and sign up for our email list for updates.

Watch parties will be held on the side patio or in the back event room at Central City BBQ unless otherwise indicated. Make sure to subscribe to our emails for updates on future watch parties to know for sure where they will be.

The back room has two giant theater screens, and the side patio is covered with 5 big screens, fans, and speakers for game audio.

Check our events calendar for upcoming games, times, and locations.

Also, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.